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Life Planning

Client Centered

Life Planning is essentially living your life by design, not by default. It’s about leading your life with meaningful purpose.

These are three life planning questions that our clients have found useful in uncovering what is truly important to them:

  • If you had all the money you needed for the rest of your life, what would you do with the money? Would you change anything?
  • If you had five to 10 years left to live, what would you do with that remaining time?
  • If you had only 24 hours left, what dreams would be left unfulfilled? What did you not get to do, and who did you not get to be?[1]

Life Planning incorporates the concept of True Wealth, everything money can’t buy and death can’t take away. Whether you are planning for a comfortable retirement, saving for children’s education, leaving a legacy, or navigating a life in transition, Risler Financial Management is dedicated to guiding you towards your goals.

[1] Kinder, G. (2002). The Seven Stages of Money Maturity: Understanding the Spirit and Value of Money in your Life. London: Rider.

Planning for a Comfortable Retirement

Can I afford to retire? Most of us wonder if we have saved enough to have a secure retirement. It requires planning and monitoring in order to retire comfortably and, stay comfortably retired. 

How do you envision your retirement? What are you doing, how are you spending your time, what are your interests and hobbies? It’s not what you are retiring 'from', but what you are retiring 'to' that matters most. What's next for you?

It is possible to leave work too early, and sometimes it is possible to stay too long. How do you know what is right for you?

Consider these three “Enough” questions, then give us a call to see how we can help!

  • Do you have enough?
  • Do you have enough to do?
  • Have you had enough?

Here are some retirement resources that we have found to be helpful:

The opinions voiced in this material are for general information only and are not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual. All performance referenced is historical and is no guarantee of future results. All indices are unmanaged and may not be invested into directly.  Investing involves risk including loss of principal.

Saving for a Child's Education

Saving for a Child's Education

What is a better way to save for your child’s education? What saving strategy is suitable for you? What plan? How much?

These are the questions. We have the answers.

You’ve given your children roots with a sound foundation of values. Now, you can give them wings to soar into the future.

As parents, we can’t promise blue skies always, but when the clouds appear, we can make sure they don’t block the vision we have for the bright future of our children.

College Education Resources:


Investors should consider the investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses associated with the municipal fund securities carefully before investing.  The issuer’s official statement contains this and other information about the investment.  You can obtain an official statement from your financial representative.  Read carefully before investing.

Saving for College Website:

Navigating Your Life in Transition

Navigating Your Life in Transition

Have you had recent changes in your life that are impacting your well-being and financial future?

Transition can be both an exciting and challenging time, where you may experience any number of emotions. Whether you are experiencing a change in job status or in relationship, or entering a new phase in your life, our guidance can set you in the appropriate direction. Regardless of what stage of life you are in or what transition you are navigating, we can be your partner in providing advice for life.


Leaving a Legacy

What kind of legacy will you leave for your family? Will it be one of organization or one of confusion?

Smart planning can ensure that your assets go to the appropriate individuals, at the appropriate time, for the appropriate distribution. This is the heart of Estate Planning.

You have spent a lifetime growing your estate. A sound plan can help you preserve and protect your assets for your heirs through a seamless transfer, helping to save your family time, effort, and money. It can also help you fulfill charitable objectives, address healthcare costs, and help enable you to maintain your quality of life, without unduly burdening your loved ones.

Here is the informational document we use with our clients to help them stay organized:

RFM Family Storage Document


The opinions voiced in this material are for general information only and are not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual.